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Minnesota Grown, just like me. April 29, 2010

Filed under: team awesome — queen frederica @ 6:21 pm


“Tastes 2,000 Miles Fresher”


Much of today’s food is coming from (and being packaged/processed) all over the globe so it can be difficult to know where it’s actually from. Local farmers and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture teamed up to create the Minnesota Grown program. Now you know by the ‘MN Grown’ label on the products if it’s locally grown or not. Easypeasy!


How do you really know it is? I know, I question everything these days.. Farmers must register with the Department of Agriculture each year with details on what they are growing before  they are approved.


Bone Lake Meadows has been a member of Minnesota Grown for 4 years now. Look for the logo when you come visit us at markets : )





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