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The Sting Count April 12, 2010

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mike:   6          |   kelsey:  1


After all the hives I worked on in Hawaii and Minnesota over the past five months..I was finally stung. I’m quite surprised I got away with 0 stings for that long.


We took a picture assuming that I would react and swell up a little. Nope! No swelling. Just a little pain for a couple minutes and it was over. Nothing a root beer float can’t fix…  : )




Spring April 9, 2010

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The season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere.

Sound familiar? That’s right, it’s finally spring. Wahoo!

Along with 249 other newbees, I took the UMN short course taught by Gary Rueter and Marla Spivak just a few weeks ago. With everything those brilliant professors jammed into my brain and an excellent mentor here in Washington County, I feel as ready as I’ll ever be to officially enter into the wonderful world of  beekeeping.


Bees and honey..

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Welcome to Bone Lake Meadows Apiary Blog! This will be all about good ole’ honey and bees!!

Check back soon for more posts and news…