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May update May 15, 2010

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Because Mike is stung all the time, I didn’t want to bore you all with sting blogs. So I figured each time I was stung there would be a count update. Sorry Mike, but by popular demand, I have to announce the current sting count… 

kelsey: 2 (still)   |   mike: 23? thousand?

Does anyone else get knocked out for a day after getting stung? Or is it just me that is that lucky? Oh how I wish I would be like everyone else and swell up.


my VIP parking spot May 14, 2010

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"beekeeper parking only; all others will be stung"

This is what back-to-back employee of the month gets you: VIP parking right next to the honey house. Maybe one day you can achieve such status… in your dreams!!


dandelion represent! May 7, 2010

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To some folks out there, like my father, this picture will drive you insane – or at least to the store to grab a big bottle of weed killer. I never really understood what was so bad about dandelions, but maybe it’s because they are in the daisy family (my favorite flowers of all time).  It’s not like I loved them or anything, just didn’t really think they were worth killing. This year, however, was a little different… There may or may not have been fist pumps or smiles when I spotted the first dandelion of 2010.

dandelion fields forever

For the honeybees it represents the first nectar flow. Dandelions offer much pollen and nectar. This means they can start collecting fresh food to build up their dwindling supply from winter. Once the bees know these are in bloom, it tells them ‘game on, summer is here’ and they start work for the season.

As of mid April, Mike would no loner let me walk barefoot in the grass due to all the bees working the dandelions. What is summer without shoeless wandering and laying in the grass?? At least now we’ve got the fruit trees (above) and wild mustard in bloom.

Alright folks, fear Roundup, not the dandelion! It brings you honey : )