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hay there! June 1, 2010

Filed under: sting count — queen frederica @ 9:00 pm

Mike and I have been doing lots of inspections to keep tabs on what the bees are up to. It’s common for them to swarm this time of year so, by going in the hives and checking everything out we can see if they are trying to leave us, as well as if they are healthy.  Thankfully, most of our bees are satisfied with the abode we’ve supplied them with and are out collecting nectar, pollen and propolis.

This is Mikey Cool in a hive at one of our bee yards (notice the thumbs up!):

We’ve got to walk through a horse pasture to get to our hives are this particular bee yard. The horses always seem to remember us and come trotting up for treats of sorts. I hear horses like pollen patties.. yeah, me too : ) 

ps. Mike’s sting count has now doubled.


2 Responses to “hay there!”


    Horse pheremones attrack honeybees….then they go up into their large nostrils, sting them, and the horse suffocates to death. Might be good to let these people know.

  2. eek. that’s nuts! they’ve had bees and horses for a while now so i’m glad to see that it doesn’t hold true on this farm!

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