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sweet clover in the tummy June 7, 2010

Filed under: food sources — queen frederica @ 4:02 pm

Although there are plenty of things out there for bees to collect from all spring and summer long, there are just a few nectar flows. A nectar flow is when the nectar is so plentiful that the bees can make and store surplus honey. Back in April we had our first nectar flow with the dandelion. Now we are coming into the clovers. Below, sweet yellow clover,  is what I’ve been starting to see up at Bone Lake Meadows:

There is also white sweet clover that is out but I haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of it. I started reading up about these wildflowers and was a bit bummed to find out that these sweet clovers are invasive species. However, they are a major source for the honey crop in our area of the country. Because of the different nectar flows all over the country, honey from Minnesota isn’t going to taste anything like the honey I got in Hawaii.


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