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Raw honey and allergies June 12, 2010

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“Is it true that if I take a teaspoon or two of honey each day that it will help with my allergies??” Yes – and general well-being!

I’ve had many people asking me about eating honey to treat their allergies. I like to think of it as a natural, less painful and delicious vaccine. Raw honey has all the pollens, dusts and molds that cause about 90% of all allergies. By eating a small amount of it each day, you are putting those allergens in your body and building immunity. I doubt those prescription allergy pills are making your immune system stronger..
If you don’t really have allergies, it’s still not a bad idea to eat honey regularly. Raw honey doesn’t just have pollens in it but also propolis. Propolis is the resin and saps the bees collect from various trees to seal up their hive with. It has antibiotic, antiseptic, anitinflamitory  properties. I’ve even read about it being used as an antiviral remedy. So, basically, it has many healing porperties. The bees seem to know this and I trust them!

Back to daily honey.. If you are going to try using honey to cure your allergies this year, don’t just go to the grocery store and buy a bottle of the first honey you see. Make sure it’s: 1. Local! so that you are getting those pollens you are trying to build immnuity to. 2. Raw! Some people heat their honey to speed up the extraction process. When the honey is heated, all the goodness is killed off. 

Good luck with your allergies this year, folks!


One Response to “Raw honey and allergies”

  1. Julene Says:

    Great news! I am so excited about all the good stuff I am learning about honey from you. I always liked it cause it’s sweet…now I know how great it is! Thanks for all your hard work!

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