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mini update June 25, 2010

Filed under: markets and events,the goods — queen frederica @ 9:49 pm

holymoly, I hope you all survived the storm today! Glad that it’s out of the way because tomorrow we are going to be up at Center City Days from 9-4. Yep, we are in it for the long haul.  Next week we will be back at the St. Croix Falls market.

Although a tiny bit crabby due to the crappy weather this month, the bees have finally been able to go out and collect nectar/pollens. We’ve got supers (boxes for honey) on our hives and hope that these sunny days can help the bees fill them up. Last week we put on our comb honey super. That’s right – comb honey, folks. Mmmmm.

Because we had such strong colonies over winter, the bees burst onto the scene this spring and brought in lots of nectar. We were able to extract about 50 pounds of spring honey last week without dipping into their hard earned winter supply. Nothing like the smell of fresh honey whirling out of the comb to the blasting speakers of the Rolling Stones. Oh yes.

Has anyone noticed the clover all over the roadsides? And thistles!  Hopefully July won’t be so rainy…


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