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Buy Fresh Buy Local June 30, 2010

Filed under: team awesome — queen frederica @ 11:39 pm

Where does your food come from? It seems to me that many people are becoming more concerned with the origin of their foods. I’ve started noticing much propaganda on food labels over the past 5 years or so years and have become more mindful. Who can we believe these days?


FoodRoute Network is a national non-profit organization that started out in Pennsylvania. Their goal is to encourage and stimulate food economies by including the local customers; you!  One of the more well known branches of this network is “Buy Fresh Buy Local” and there are several chapters nationwide. The big focus is on promoting sustainable agriculture by connecting farmers and consumers. Makes you think more about how your food was grown or how far it has traveled to you. Remember: fresh + local food = yummy in the tummy. Win for both you and the earth. 


This spring we became a partner of the Buy Fresh Buy Local St. Croix River Valley chapter. Feels good to be a drop in the bucket of bliss.








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