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hollyhocks and homecoming surprises July 8, 2010

Filed under: bees — queen frederica @ 11:05 pm

It’s been over five months since I came back to Minnesota and I just took my first summer adventure last weekend – can you believe it! [holymoly] A short, but good one.

Since I’ve been in one spot for a while, I have been able to really see the changes taking place around me. I love seeing the gradual growth of plants and watching them go through different stages, noticing trends. Being gone for just four days taught me just how quickly things happen in the nature.

We came back and saw the sunnies grew one foot! taller, squash have their big beautiful blossoms open, berries galore.. the big garden has turned into a jungle of awesomeness! Filled with all kinds of happiness, I continued onto the next garden across the yard to check out the hollyhocks that had opened up.


To get to these beautiful flowers I, unknowingly, had to walk through the honeybee super highway. The sound of bees is what caught my attention and then came the sight of bees flying to/around empty boxes. Calling over to Mike (who was hula hooping – had to mention that because of it’s sheer amusement) the check it out..Forget the hollyhocks! Sweet jebus, we caught a swarm! 


Not only did we catch some bees – we got like 50,000 of them. This is a massive swarm of badassery. They filled our empty boxes with over 100 pounds of nectar. Box (deeps) by box, we carried everyone over to their new home to make sure they could settle in before sundown. They have some prime real estate in this apiary.. gotta admit, I’m a bit jealous.


Sovereign State of Queen Asahi

Although seeing the gardens change so much over the long weekend was pretty amazing, the thought of that many bees packing up shop and leaving town in an afternoon is pretty impressive. It takes a incredible amount of planning and work for those little things to move their entire colony and as much honey as they did. Oh how nature fascinates me..



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