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fun facts July 30, 2010

Filed under: bees,sting count — queen frederica @ 11:40 pm

Did you know….

–Eighty-seven of the world’s 124 most commonly cultivated crops are insect/animal pollinated. Between 60 to 80% of the world’s 250,000 flowering plants depend on animals for pollination.

–Bees can fly up to 2 miles in order to find a nectar source.

–Pesticide use, diseases, parasites, and the spread of invasive species are the major causes of pollinator decline.

–Honey-laundering is real and happening worldwide today. China, why do you play me like that?

–It’s 11pm on Friday night and we are extracting honey.. 2 markets in the morning and we still have bottling to do. Really glamorous, folks.

–Mike was stung an undisclosed amount of times this week. I, however, lucked out with only 5.

–Bees will die of loneliness and isolation if separated from their colony for more than 3 hours. Aw, sadface.

–Hula hooping is a great way to help pass the time between uncapping frames and bottling honey.


One Response to “fun facts”

  1. Alayna Mackiewicz Says:

    you have got a blog now noway! :) good job…. :) looked up bonleake meadows and ur online now! :)

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