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Fair time August 29, 2010

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Thanks to all you folks who made it out to the great Minnesota Get Together and stopped by the agriculture building for our demo! For those of you that missed out…

team awesome

I managed to not make a waxy mess at our demo and hopefully gave you an idea of how easy it is to make natural cosmetics at home. Some of you were asking for a recipe to use so posted below is a great starter recipe – I regret to inform you that I will not be giving away the secret one!

Natural Lotion:

1 part beeswax by weight

6 parts oil by volume

few drops essential oil

Melt wax and oil together in double boiler, stirring occasionally. During the melting, add essential oils to container – not in the pan with wax/oil. Once oil and wax are melted together, pour into container and let sit for at least 3 hours.

If you want to make a batch to test out, I recommend using no more than 3 ounces of oil. Remember that the high the wax to oil ratio, the harder it will be. The lower wax to oil ratio, the softer it will be.


the lotion 101 August 24, 2010

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Hey All,

Mike and I will be demonstrating how we make our all natural lotions and lip balms from beeswax and other goodies. 1pm in the agriculture horticulture building. There will be all kinds of interesting bee demos before and after us so make sure to stop by. If you don’t want to learn how we concoct the beeswax cosmetics, at least stop by for some mildly sarcastic humor.

After the demo, you will find me eating as many mini donuts as possible and then stompin’ at the grandstand. Boy oh boy, do I love the fair! See you there~


comb honey August 19, 2010

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Comb honey is off the hive and in packages for sale now. I will have it at the markets this coming week – get some before it’s gone!

yum yum , eat your heart out!


This week August 11, 2010

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Did anyone else almost melt their face off this week? Holycrap, I went to take some honey off the hives around noon on Monday, ┬áthinking it would be smart since many bees are out foraging at that time, but immediately regretted the decision when carrying a 55 pound super across the yard. Mike, I’ve always appreciated you doing all the grunt work but now I give you 7 more points. Anyhow, newly extracted honey will be bottled up for you all this weekend. Ohhhh, ahhhh.

I’ve bottled my beautiful honey for the fair and can’t wait to bring it in. Still finished entries together yet but will be doing it tomorrow. Will post pictures later.. Anyone going to the fair this year? It’s coming up quickly. Mike and I are doing lotion and lip balm demos on the 29th at 1pm.

Is anyone else enjoying the Stephen Slater story? I can’t stop laughing about how so many people are worked up over it. Stephen, I love you.


advice August 5, 2010

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A wise man recently told me to:

“Always keep your hive tool sharp and check your zippers twice.”

You may find this helpful if you ever start keeping bees.


muchos fotos August 2, 2010

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While trying to find some pictures to send off to some folks, I found these that I really like and thought I’d share them with you all.

Happy August! The Fair is just around the corner….