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This week August 11, 2010

Filed under: markets and events — queen frederica @ 5:41 pm

Did anyone else almost melt their face off this week? Holycrap, I went to take some honey off the hives around noon on Monday,  thinking it would be smart since many bees are out foraging at that time, but immediately regretted the decision when carrying a 55 pound super across the yard. Mike, I’ve always appreciated you doing all the grunt work but now I give you 7 more points. Anyhow, newly extracted honey will be bottled up for you all this weekend. Ohhhh, ahhhh.

I’ve bottled my beautiful honey for the fair and can’t wait to bring it in. Still finished entries together yet but will be doing it tomorrow. Will post pictures later.. Anyone going to the fair this year? It’s coming up quickly. Mike and I are doing lotion and lip balm demos on the 29th at 1pm.

Is anyone else enjoying the Stephen Slater story? I can’t stop laughing about how so many people are worked up over it. Stephen, I love you.


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