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bee video September 26, 2010

Filed under: bees — queen frederica @ 9:45 pm

Once we extract the honey, we give the box back to the bees so they can clean up the last bit of honey in there. After a week or so, we take the boxes off the hives for good because they are not needed. Today was the day.

The honey scent is still very strong so the bees sense that and are all here checking it out. They know it’s not their honey so they are basically robbing. Bees that rob are guilty as charged and rarely sting; they just fly away. I wasn’t wearing a veil on my walk out to these supers and was pelted in the face by a bee fleeing the scene. Just glad it was a head-on collision because a sting with that kind of speed hurts like heck..

Here is a video of bees on some supers in the yard this morning:


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