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old news that you have to hear again October 21, 2010

Filed under: summertime happenings — queen frederica @ 6:04 pm

Alright, so I know (or hope) that you all know most of the stuff I am about to rant about in this blog. I know, it’s not brand new information. Some of you are probably annoyed with the fact that people are still allowing this to happen and that it’s getting worse. Most of you that read this blog probably are well aware and informed of this rant I’m about to embark maybe share it with a friend who may not know.

The other day I went to the store with my mom to get a few things. As she was running around getting what she needed, I was finding any excuse to play with my new ipod and take pictures. Who knew that a grocery store would be such a fantastic place to take pictures!

Massive displays of  corn syrups, oils, canned food and chips. All crap that is terrible for you.  And what else do I see amongst the mass of crap?? Honey. Part of me didn’t feel so bad… until I noticed it said “Honey Flavored Syrup” on that cute little bear. I’m sorry, but bears don’t like high fructose corn syrup.

Honey flavored syrup? You can’t possibly imitate the flavor of honey — it is it’s own thing. [You know, like when people want to color their hair red: that doesn’t come in a box, darlin’!]  I can’t figure out why people would want to sell you corn syrup in a honey container. Isn’t that what Karo syrup is for? it.

I then read the ingredients. Talk about false advertisement. It’s packaging, coloring, and general representation looks just like you’d assume a bottle of honey to be. However, those sneaky turds word it just enough to trick you into thinking it really is honey. Again, this is old news because this happens to just about everything now. Why can’t companies sell high fructose corn syrup in their own bottle instead of adding it to everything? Oh, wait, that’s because people wouldn’t buy it.

Just this summer I started paying attention to all the honey laundering happening in the world today. It sounded too funny to me – honey laundering? Is that even real?? I mean, come on, seriously? And here this month, I find this junk for sale in the Midwest, pretty much the country’s largest honey producing region: FAIL.


I kind of want to try this stuff to see what it’s like but I already know it will be displeasing. Make sure to buy the real McCoy, whatever it may be.



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