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say it aint so November 13, 2010

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The weather people said a winter storm was going to hit us over the weekend but that doesn’t mean I believed them.. Yep, that’s about 6 inches piled up on my deck.


Historic Courthouse Christmas November 9, 2010

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Mike and I will be selling our honey, candles and goods this year at the Victorian Christmas at the Stillwater Historic Courthouse. This is a 3 day event next weekend beginning Friday night and going through Sunday afternoon, November 19, 20 and 21.

There will be live music, great food and many fantastic local arts and gift items for the holiday season. If that doesn’t interest you, maybe the sight of us decked out in Victorian getups will. I hear Mike is going to rock the top hat.

Mikey Cool


this is how you get rid of american foulbrood November 7, 2010

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burning one down.


Alright, we did not have AFB but we have some very old equipment that needed be taken care of. ┬áIt’s a good idea to get new frames and boxes about every 5 (ish) years.. and some of our stuff was pretty holey (and not in the amen kind of way(yes, that was kind of a pun).


Although we don’t use chemicals in our hives, there are many out there where bees forage to. They might pick them up and carry them back to the hive. This junk they might collect is then stored in the wax comb. Same goes for diseases. I guess the comb is doing exactly what it’s made for: storage.


That being said, best thing to do to avoid any of that is get new frames when the wood or wax is looking shabby. Great way to get rid of it is to have one heck of a bonfire – especially in this chilly weather.