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holiday happenings December 28, 2010

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In addition to raising healthy bees and suppling you with honey that will rock your wold, we donate some of our profits to some of our favorite organizations that help others do the same — how cool is that?


Many of you have probably heard of, or even supported, Heifer already. They are an excellent organization that helps families and villages worldwide to achieve a sustainable form of income and food sources. If you aren’t familiar with them, I suggest checking them out online to see what they do and how they do it.


This year Bone Lake Meadows bought colonies of bees for families in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Romania and Poland. Imagine that.. a Mackiewicz buying a Polish family bees.. By these families receiving bees, their entire community will benefit via pollination and high crop yields. Sound familiar? Take care of bees and they will take care of you! Hopefully these families with get as much joy from their bees as we get from ours.

Happy Holidays!


bees in Hawaii thus far December 21, 2010

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Aloha from Hawaii~

Between work on the farm and adventuring on my days off, I haven’t made much time for updating the blog in the bast month here on the Big Island.  Now that I’ve got a week off it seems like the perfect time to update you all.. that and there is a huge storm passing through so it’s quite rainy today ; )

Keeping bees here is a bit different than Minnesota — imagine that — so I am still learning the ins and outs of tropical beekeeping. Most people only use 1 deep and stack on supers. I’m not too keen on that but keeping up with multiple deeps on 80 colonies is far more demanding than 20 back in Scandia!

I’ve only been keeping bees for a year and never expected to be working this many hives so I’m really trying to stay on my toes here..When I got back on the island this year I was paying far more attention to which plants bees like here, as well as what was in bloom and the next nectar flow. So far I’ve only taken a few pictures of bees and flowers:

Above is a terrible picture of a lilikoi blossom (passionfruit) that I saw last week. They are a vine and grow all over, this was up on a tree far away. Hopefully there will be a better chance to get a good picture because these blossoms are exquisite.

Bees always seem to be on these flowers in the garden. I still have yet to get the name .. anyone know? The color really is that vibrant; no photoshop on that picture.

Hawaii is famous for it’s macadamia nuts and there are several orchards on our part of the island. Yep, this means I spend lots of time in these beautiful places :) This particular picture was taken on 200 rolling acres of of mac nuts that sits next to state forest up Mauna Loa. It seems to be harvest season now for these so these blossoms are rare. Goodness, they sure smell good though.. can’t wait for this nectar flow!

More photos to come.. Until then.. aloha~~

grabbing a mango from the tree on my way out of the bee yard




later taters December 1, 2010

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Almost 2 weeks ago we had a bee party where I said my goodbyes for 2010 before headed to Hawaii for winter. Who needs snow when you can have warmth or fruiting trees?? Thanks for the fun, guys! This is the only picture I’ve got from the evening.. It aint no waggle dance, but it still cracks me up each time I look at this picture:

I will be blogging for fun from the Big Island while I keep bees over here until spring.