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battles, beeswax and bongo the dog April 4, 2011

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poochms Bongo

This is the happy doggins, Bongo. He gladly escorts us around to hives throughout the season, making sure to clean up any spilled wax chunks or honey along the way. He usually keeps critters at bay around the yard but with this winter’s unforgiving temperatures, this pooch hasn’t had as much time outside as he’d like. Now that spring is here, everyone in the natural world is out and about looking for whatever they can get to hold them over for the next few weeks.

Just last week we had a couple raccoons scoping out some hives. Usually, they walk to the hive entrance, knock a few times until bees fly out to see what it is and CHOMP, we are down a bee or three.. The raccoons will do this until they’ve had enough. Imagine this over time – particularly in winter. It’s something we need to keep an eye on and also be prepared for. A common way to prevent this is with a board we place in front of the hive. We pound several nails into the board so they are sticking up, ready to poke into paws of the intruder.


With the warming temperatures, Bongo has been spending more time outside establishing his turf again. On a midnight romp the other day he crossed paths with feisty raccoon lingering around the bee yard. They battled it out and poor Bongo came back to the house with a chunk of his neck missing.

punk from north country

I’d post a picture of the wound but it’s pretty nasty so I will save you the sight. After cleaning it out, Mike used some of our natural beeswax lotion to help ease the pain and soothe the wound. It seems to be working because Bongo isn’t too concerned with the missing patch of skin and fur on his neck. Just a coupe days later it is scabbed up and healing nicely.

I’ve enjoyed making these natural cosmetics but it’s even better when you get to see them proving their medicinal properties to be true. Beeswax has several natural healing properties, particularly with skin conditions. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial qualities as well as vitamin A (promotes cell reproduction) greatly speeds up recovery time. Also, don’t forget that raw honey has similar (and more) healing properties. I use it on cuts all the time. Give it a try~~






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