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Mother’s Day weekend happenings May 8, 2011

Filed under: bees,food sources,springtime happenings — queen frederica @ 12:19 pm

bee and soul food

Spring has kept us on our toes here at Bone Lake Meadows. It’s been a slow start but it seems like the weather is taking a turn for the better and might stop getting so dang chilly. It’s the crap weather that really makes you see just how hardy the breeds of bees we work with are. Our highest survival rate has been with Italian bees. Posted below is a video of a very strong colony that survived winter. (Video taken after a spit)

This colony is what we look for in a strong colony of bees: gentle, prolific, large honey producers, hygienic and beautiful. Winter losses are hard but if it leaves you with bees like these, we can’t complain. We know that the bees that survived winter are very strong and won’t go down easily. This video demonstrates survival of the fittest. These bees are ready to kick butt and take names this year!

Weather reporters have been taking about the high pollen counts — beekeepers can’t be happier!! Excellent for raising healthy and happy bees! Willows are not only beautiful right now, but a great pollen source for the bees right now.

willow next to the chicken coop


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