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Under the Apples Trees September 21, 2011

Filed under: organic orchard — dronedude @ 6:51 am

Oh you got to love Mother Nature’s sense of humor.Just when you are in one of the best stretch of warm ,sunny bee weather all year-long, she throws down the first frost of the year. Perfect icing for what has been a very unsettled honey season. The┬áproverbial dagger thru my unripe tomatoes hearts. The iron clad freeze slammed the door shut on what was a very good goldenrod, sunflower and aster nectar flow way before its time was up.
I checked one of our orchard yards in the valley the other day.Even with all the shaky weather of late, I was very happy to see that all the hives had done their due diligent duties and packed in lots of winter stores in nectar and pollen. We don’t do supplement sugar syrup feeding for our bees so I was very happy to see that all these orchard hives had answered the bell and took nectar hording to a whole new level.
We got a few more yards to check in the upcoming weeks and we are hoping to see the same productive heavy honey hives.
In the meantime,fall is a great time to get out to your local farmers markets and take home the seasonal harvest you will find there.