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October Hives October 2, 2011

Filed under: fall stuff — dronedude @ 9:18 pm

 The past cool crisp October weekend was spent inspecting the hives in our other yards.  I always get a little fall reflective this time of the year when checking the bees because you are always wondering: did I do my best or did I miss something earlier in the season that will come back to haunt the hive this Halloween. This is really important this year because we are not treating our bees with chems or doing high fructose crappy syrup additional feeding. We are asking our bees to be self efficient and strong enough to sustain themselves through the upcoming winter. This year it required us to leave more honey on the hive for the bees than what would be considered normal by other bee people. What we are finding is that the bees look to be in great shape with lots of stored away honey. The photo show one of our Russian hives filled to the brim with fall nectar. It was very encouraging to see that the different varieties of bees in our yards all seem to be in decent shape as far as population, temperament, hive health, sassy young queens and plenty of  honey weight in the individual colony. Now if those bear sightings we have been hearing about from other beekeepers stay to our north, I like our chances this winter.


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