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Thanks and Give November 24, 2011

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A big thank you goes out to all of you that stopped by this past weekend at the Victorian Christmas Courthouse event in Stillwater,Mn. It was fun to see old friends come out and meet the  new ones that stopped by our table.

This past week I did my first winter check on all of our hives to try to determine the  state of health of each. I will do these routine inspections every month now thru spring to gauge hives survivability in our Minnesota winter. Thanksgiving is a pretty good benchmark to start because usually by this stage of the calendar ,a weaken varrora mite infected disease hive will be near or completely died out due to the stress of early cold and snow.

I am happy to report that all of our hives are alive and thriving in early season clustered in the middle boxes of their three-story hive configuration. This is exactly where you would like to have the bees this time of the year with room to still move up later in the winter. Some local beekeepers have questioned our sanity for being chemical free and not feeding corn syrup slurpees early on this fall to our bees. The inside betting odds in some circles is that we will lose the majority of our  hives this winter due to not treating for the zombie parasites that feast on honeybees. I not much of a gambling dude but I like our chances of success.

With the buzzing still audible in all our hives this Thanksgiving weekend, I sheepishly grim and give a slight pat on each hive and say softly, “good job ladies,we can make it.”

Hopefully, everyone will have their share of holiday feasting foods between now and the new year .Remember to keep it fresh-keep it local and give back to others when you can.

Bee Peaceful People


2 Responses to “Thanks and Give”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Mike, I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family.
    Today’s question….how extensive are these monthly inspections?

  2. The inspections are very quick and involve not going into the hives.
    This year I started to shine a penlight into the top hole to see if bees are there yet or not. All of out top boxes were empty of bees. Secondly, and this freaks people out, I blow into the top hole and then put my ear up to it to listen for the buzz of live bees. I can tell from where in the hive the sound is coming from
    Also look to see if bees are bringing dead bees outside of hive.

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