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The Year in the Review January 3, 2012

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Happy New Years to all you Beeks out there.
2012 came bbbbursting in with a blast of white out weather to blow away the last remnants  of 2011.Last year saw us rear our own queens for the first time with giddy  success. Though early season honey production was down substantially, a fall explosion of goldenrod and asters supplied the bees with copious opportunities to fill their boxes and erased the nervous feeling of not having the bees make it through the winter on their own. With the pop of a cork and the drop of the ball, January 1st found all of our hives and nucleus colonies still alive.

2012 looks to provide us with more opportunities for letting bees be bees and hopefully expanding on our early successes of queen rearing. We have been approached by three more CSA farms in the St Croix River Valley that would like to have us place our bees on their organic fields. So great to have these options to chose from, seeing as how difficult it is becoming to find suitable land that bees can survive on.

Until the sun returns, pick up a bee book and kick back with a hot cup of coffee (with honey of course ). If I may offer a book suggestion, THE BEEKEEPER’S LAMENT, by Hannah Nordhaus, offers the reader a close up look at the plight and perils of migratory beekeeping in America. I found it sad and tragic. Enough said.

Early March will find us attending the North American Organic Beekeeper conference in Tucson, Arizona. Should be interesting. Many of the treatment free  beekeepers that were in the movie Queen of the Sun, will be presenting, like Roy Arbon from New Zealand.

Until then, need to shake off lazy bastard tendencies and address that  piles of lumber laying on the garage floor waiting for someone to pick up a hammer and saw and build those  two dozen new deep boxes  before spring settles in. Crank up the Neil Young and lets get busy in 2012.

“The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his  moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.”



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