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spring is a coming March 1, 2012

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“The more you investigate these creatures and the manner in which they live, the more you will come to the conclusion that there is great wisdom in how they work and what they accomplish.”
-Rudolf Steiner


Last Thursday the first cycle of brood hatched here at the Biodynamic Agriculture College. It was a beautiful sunny day and all of us students were sitting barefoot in the gardens soaking up the sun’s energy. It was the first taste of spring as we all felt that connection with the sun. Bees are definite creatures of the sun and are far more tuned into it than us humans. I can imagine they were waiting for it more than I..

Since ancient times here in Western Europe on February 2nd people have been celebrating Candlemas (or Feast of Lights before Christianity). It marks the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox and is considered the beginning of spring by many. It is a time when the earth starts awakening and farmers prepare for the coming season. The promises of the return of the light and the renewal of life which were made at the winter solstice are becoming evident. The bees, too, sensed this awakening because it was the day the queen laid her first eggs of the year. Exactly 21 days (time of a worker bee to develop) after Candlemas new bees emerged from the hive. Each day more and more pollen is coming in.. oh the things to come.

Happy March!


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