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2011 state fair August 23, 2011

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hey party people! It’s that time of year again for the Great Minnesota Get Together. Mike and I will being doing a demonstration on how to make beeswax cosmetics at ‘The Dirt’ stage in the same agriculture building as the other bee stuff. If you don’t make it out for our demo, at least try to stop and check out other honey and bee stuff because the MN Hobby Beekeepers do a great job showing all things honeybees.

Looking forward to getting my fill on mini donuts this year and seeing you all down there thus Saturday!

Saturday August 27 2:00pm at The Dirt stage.


Pollinator party July 26, 2011

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This Thursday there is the Pollinator Party going on through the Minneapolis Park Board down at Lake Harriet Lyndale Park Gardens. Starting at 5pm there will be all things pollinators going on. I will be there with my super all natural lip balms and show you what you need to make your own. If you haven’t already seen Queen of the Sun, you MUST stay and watch this film. It goes over a lot about what is happening in the bee world now.

It’s going to be a great night so I hope to see some of you out there! Here is a link to the park’s website:


MPLS Pollinator Party


Midwest Living Feature May 9, 2011

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It all started out last year as an email sent out to a small list of beekeepers outside the Twin Cities here in Minnesota. After a bit of information on what we do, where and Mike’s good looks, we were selected to be the faces of a spread on honey for Midwest Living magazine. It’s in the May/June 2011 issue:

We are just small-town beekeepers doing what we love. We never though in a million years that anything like this would fall in our laps. It did and it’s been fun working with them and even more exciting to see our bees, honey and gardens published in the article. [Check out those sunflowers!!]


As if the honey article with the fruits of our (and the bees) labor, Midwest Living also wanted to include our honey in a Midwestern honey sampler pack for their online marketplace. For those of you interested, click Here.

I am grateful for this opportunity and exposure with Midwest Living, as it documented one hell of a first year of beekeeping. Thank you! — And I was happy with the knowledge Mike jammed into my brain all summer that produced award winning honey at the state fair.

“Go big or go home” right? And we sure aren’t going home..


Historic Courthouse Christmas November 9, 2010

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Mike and I will be selling our honey, candles and goods this year at the Victorian Christmas at the Stillwater Historic Courthouse. This is a 3 day event next weekend beginning Friday night and going through Sunday afternoon, November 19, 20 and 21.

There will be live music, great food and many fantastic local arts and gift items for the holiday season. If that doesn’t interest you, maybe the sight of us decked out in Victorian getups will. I hear Mike is going to rock the top hat.

Mikey Cool


9/11 September 8, 2010

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It’s that time of year again:

But just remember: What happens in Scandia, stays in Scandia.

It’s harvest time..come get your honey!

(cool poster, yeah?)


ribbons n street cred September 1, 2010

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Being the ambitious newbee I am, entering my honey in the fair sounded like a great idea. Extracting honey is always fun but it was even more fun the night we a went into my hive to get a super (box of honey) for the fair. ¬†You have an idea of what kind of honey you will be getting from each hive and super but it’s not really official until you start uncapping..

dorking out.

Expecting a lighter spring honey, I ¬†opened the spigot and watched a beautiful amber colored goodness flow out. This definitely wasn’t the clover our pallets are all so used to here in Minnesota- and it Rocked.My.World. I should expect nothing less from Queen Frederica and all her badassary out there in the most beautiful meadow…

5th place white honey, novice class

I didn’t realize the amount of work that went into entering honey at the fair. I used every piece of advice received: getting the correct jars, only using fully capped frames of honey, waiting a week to bottle, skimming the bubbles off the bottled honey, et cetera. However, I am proud to say that I did not heat my honey. Heating honey (for the fair) is recommended because it makes for a clearer, cleaner honey that doesn’t run the risk of crystalizing if temperatures drop. Yes, it looks prettier heated but also changes the flavor. Can’t say I’ve ever been one to conform so I’m not planning on starting now..not for the sake of a ribbon!

5th place light amber honey, Open class

People stop by the table at markets and ask me if the honey is good. Duh, obviously it’s fantastic! Or at least that’s what the judges said about the honey I entered at the state fair this year. Maybe now I will start saying that instead of the smartypants comments that are usually sent out…then again, maybe not..

Summer really has been a blast and this is another thing to remember it by. Thanks Mike for putting up with all my nit picky crap building up to this.. and my apologies in advance for next year ;)


Fair time August 29, 2010

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Thanks to all you folks who made it out to the great Minnesota Get Together and stopped by the agriculture building for our demo! For those of you that missed out…

team awesome

I managed to not make a waxy mess at our demo and hopefully gave you an idea of how easy it is to make natural cosmetics at home. Some of you were asking for a recipe to use so posted below is a great starter recipe – I regret to inform you that I will not be giving away the secret one!

Natural Lotion:

1 part beeswax by weight

6 parts oil by volume

few drops essential oil

Melt wax and oil together in double boiler, stirring occasionally. During the melting, add essential oils to container – not in the pan with wax/oil. Once oil and wax are melted together, pour into container and let sit for at least 3 hours.

If you want to make a batch to test out, I recommend using no more than 3 ounces of oil. Remember that the high the wax to oil ratio, the harder it will be. The lower wax to oil ratio, the softer it will be.