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Russians Don’t Care January 19, 2012

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The first below weather of the winter finally came to town here in Minnesota. The temperature dropped below zero last night for the first time this year. The temperature this morning in the “Lone Wolf” hive was 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1.6 degree  Celsius) in their third box with the outside temperature at a minus 15 below zero Fahrenheit  (-26 degree Celsius). These bees, like the majority of our hives are clustered tightly in their second box out of sight, hopefully with an ample supply of honey and pollen. I mention pollen because of our unusually mild winter, the chances are very good that the queens in many of our hives have been laying some early brood that will consume some of their spring pollen supplies.

And then there are our first year Russian bees. The high temperature never got above zero degrees Fahrenheit today. Toward sundown, I detoured to one of our apiary yards that only has our Russian hives in it. I have read some articles that speak of how resourceful and resilient Russians bees are. But I had a hard time believing my eyes when at -5 degree Fahrenheit (-20.5 C) with a strong wind blowing off the frozen tundra, these incredible little bees were hanging out around their top entrance soaking in some of the weak January sunlight. I noticed they would rotate in and out of the top entrance at a slow leisurely pace. Not a care in the world, still checking things out, looking for spring. This cold wave is supposed to last for a week or so before it breaks. We will then  have to do an inventory to see how all our hives made out  during this current cold snap. Not worried about the Russian bees. They are going to be alright. Russians don’t care about freezing in their tracks. They had winter figured out long before we did.


Basic recipes August 31, 2011

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Thanks to everyone who came to watch our lotion demo at the fair over the weekend. We enjoy doing these and it’s especially fun at the fair for many reasons.. Hopefully you got your annual fix of fair food because I know I did!!

As promised, a quick beginners recipe for lotions is listed below:

Double boiler
1 Half ounce of beeswax by weight
3 ounces oil by volume (about 3/4 cup) — coconut, almond or jojoba are my favorites.
Essential oil.

1. Bring water in double boiler to a boil and keep on medium/low.
2. Melt wax Dow and stir in oil.
3. Add essential oil to container you want to pour lotion in. Enough to barely fill the bottom is a good amount.
4. Once lotion mixture is one liquid, pour into containers and let sit for 4 hours.

Feel free experiment with this as a basic recipe. The more wax you use, the harder it is. Coco or Shea butter are great to add in and give it both a silky texture and more moisturizing properties.

Lip balms are the same recipe but have a different wax to oil ratio. 1 part wax by weight to 4 parts oil by volume. Give it a try and let us know what you come up with. Good luck and have fun!


honey! August 9, 2011

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We have some honey right now for all you folks who were wondering. I will be at the Scandia farmers market Wednesdays 4-7 for the next month. We just have smaller jars now but will have more honey coming in in the next month for larger orders.




october 30 October 30, 2010

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it’s the last market of the season this year. I can’t believe it! You know what else it is?? Mike’s birthday. I’m sure he will love that I broadcasted that on the Internet .. thanks to everyone for making this year a great first year at our new markets. see you next year!


Spring April 9, 2010

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The season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere.

Sound familiar? That’s right, it’s finally spring. Wahoo!

Along with 249 other newbees, I took the UMN short course taught by Gary Rueter and Marla Spivak just a few weeks ago. With everything those brilliant professors jammed into my brain and an excellent mentor here in Washington County, I feel as ready as I’ll ever be to officially enter into the wonderful world of  beekeeping.


Bees and honey..

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Welcome to Bone Lake Meadows Apiary Blog! This will be all about good ole’ honey and bees!!

Check back soon for more posts and news…